About me



This is goker the Engineer. Besides, I've been a student since I was 6 y.o. I'm still on my PhD degree in Computer Engineering. Also, I have a Graphic Design bachelor degree and some associates degrees eg. Photography and Camera Operation, Agriculture.

I live in a kind of farm house in Edirne. I have cats, dogs and hens. My father's grandfather bought this house and many family members had lived here at the time. It is a pretty big and perfect legacy for me.

If I described my self, It is "computer engineer, experimental photographer, personal designer for my self and a student for life" or epic one is "father of more than ten cats, lover of two dogs, master of hens, unstoppable gardener, code head, designer of bizares, the beast!"

By the way, I'm a Elder Scroll fan. You can find my chars by searching "goker" in ESO.