That is goker the Engineer. I'm still on my PhD in Computer Engineering. Also, I've some other degrees. (Graphic Design, Photography, and Agriculture). I'm still a student since I was 6 y.o.

I live in a kind of farmhouse in the center of Edirne with cats, dogs, and hens. My father's grandfather bought the house from his business partner who is a Greek. Many family members had lived here at the time. It is a pretty big and perfect legacy for me.

If I describe myself, It is "a computer engineer, an experimental photographer, a personal designer for myself and a student for life" or epic one would be "a father of more than ten cats, a lover of two dogs, a master of hens, an unstoppable gardener, a code head, a designer of bizarre, the beast!"

By the way, I'm an Elder Scroll fan. You can find my chars by searching "goker" in ESO.